Kocowisch is founded in 2014 by Koen Coppens and Willem Schouten in Utrecht, The Netherlands. A techie-artisan design brand, Kocowisch stands for uncompromising, functional, high-end products of a timeless, unadorned aesthetic, expertly crafted and hand finished in the Netherlands. Their first collection called The Kocohedron Collection is a series of  lamps as well as jewellery based on mathematical wireframes. Willem Schouten and Koen Coppens share a determination to make the seemingly impossible possible, for the sake of creating durable and functional design objects of the highest possible quality and undeniable beauty. For more about Kocowisch, check the video underneath.

Visiting address:
Laan van Zuilenveld 10
3611 AJ Oud Zuilen
The Netherlands