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Inspired by the duality of both the simplicity and the complexity of mathematical wireframes, these Dodo cuff links are a mathematical marvel to the eye.  A classic shape reinvented, these cufflinks embody timeless elegance and are a refined mix of industrial minimalism and sophisticated masculinity.  As simple as a shape can be, it’s wire frame plays tricks on the eye, making it either complex or simple when viewed from different angles. These geometric cufflinks are a timeless finishing touch on any look.

The Dodo cuff link is modelled after a regular Dodecahedron. In Geometry a dodecahedron is any mathematical figure with 12 faces this one consists out of twelve pentagons touching sides on the vertices.  The great philosopher Plato believed that he could describe our complete universe using just five simple shapes. He thought the Dodecahedron resembled our complete universe. Some scientists even suggest our universe is shaped like a dodecahedron. We are no scientists nor philosophers, but we do know that these cuff links will make you look like you’re the center of the universe on every event you will attend.

Each cufflink is made through a process where the oldest and newest techniques of gold smiting meet. The cufflinks are made using the ‘lost wax casting process’. A 3D printed positive model in wax is covered in a ceramic coating, which is then heated to melt the wax, leaving a hollow mold to be filled with a molten metal of choice. After cooling, the cufflinks are hand polished, plated with a metal of choice and hand polished again.

All cufflinks s are available in 18 K Gold plated and Sterling Silver. Each pendant is numbered with an unique serial number and comes with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring the exclusivity of the item. You can also choose to have your initials casted on the cuff link instead of the serial number. Please choose the option “ initials” and fill in your initials (a maximum of 4 initials) so we can make that happen.

All jewellery is part of the Kocohedron collection Kocowisch, an ode to beauty of mathematical wire frames. The collection consists of Led light fixtures, pendant jewellery for woman and accessories for men like cuff links and studs

* If you wish to have the cuff links in a different material like completely made of gold, please contact us so we can discuss the options.

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18K gold plated, Sterling Silver, 18K gold plated with initials, Sterling Silver with initials

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